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Cat Furniture

Model: do_19483404
The Pet Life 3-Way Kitting-Go-Seek Interactive collapsible passage Kitty Cat Tunnel is composed of crackle tear-proof polyester and a durable lightweight inner wiring frame. Features 3 connecting striped expandable tunnels with a peep hole located at the center. Great for usage with multiple cats. T..
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Model: do_19483402
The Pet Life Kitty-Play Obstacle Travel Collapsible Soft Folding Pet Cat House is constructed with durable PU coated polyester and mesh netting all around for breathability and framed with lightweight poles for added durability. The Kitty-Play Cat House features pass-through entrances at the bottom ..
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Model: do_19483401
The Pet Life Kitty-Square obstacle soft folding sturdy collapsible travel cat house is composed of durable Ballistic Nylon and Mesh with inner-seat belt webbed stitching for added durability. The Kitty-square features numerous hole entrances at the bottom, mezzanine and top levels. Perfect for Cat I..
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Model: do_19483403
The Pet Life Kittyhaus swinger Dual-lounging Kitty cat hanging hammock lounger is composed of ultra-premium Polyester and Velveteen fabrics with added polyfil within the pillows for added fluff. The pillow fabric hugs the body nice and gently and is mildew resistant. Features reinforced stitching by..
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